5 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Strategy

Nicholas Long
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You posted the job, but you’re not receiving the number of applications you were expecting. It’s time to take a closer look at how you hire people. All it takes is a few changes to bump your recruitment process up to gold level standards. 

Here are some things you can do to recruit new talent. 

1. Advertise your job in the right places
In addition to posting your jobs on sites catered to job seekers in general, also consider using solutions to market your jobs directly to the types of candidates you need to hire. Think about incorporating text messaging and emailing into your process. You can get your jobs in front of your audience, wherever they are. They don’t need to find your job themselves; you can also find them. Advertising your job in the right place is a crucial step in attracting new talent especially in a time when there are a lot of people considering new opportunities. Social media is also playing a part as a resource that compliments more traditional recruitment solutions to drive even more traffic to your jobs.

2. Your job ads could be more exciting
In addition to advertising the job in the right places, you have to market it in the best way possible. Put time and effort into writing the description. People want to know if the job will be worth it, but they’ll never know if the ad isn’t interesting enough to capture their attention in the first place. A good thing to note is that well-crafted job descriptions in the eyes of job seekers are more important than recognizing a company’s brand. So, if you’re not as big as a well-known Fortune 500 company, it’s okay. Also, the hiring process isn’t just about recruiting people, it's a game of sales and marketing too. Make sure to highlight all the responsibilities while also sharing the benefits an employee receives by working with you. Demonstrate the values of the company while also making the ad interesting to look at and captivating to the eye. Writing a good ad isn’t impossible and will make a huge difference when it comes to recruiting talent.

3. Your recruitment process could be faster
In today’s world, everybody is in a rush. Applications should be relatively easy and simple to fit in with everyone else’s schedule. If you make the application itself too difficult, people won’t want to put in the time or effort to apply. In a recent survey 89% of job seekers said they would be more inclined to apply to a job if the application process was simple—like replying to a text message. Don’t underestimate the competition with other companies. Keep in mind active job seekers may be applying to many companies at once and then they accept the position with the organization that hires them the fastest. Keep the application process simple and respond quickly when you have a potential candidate. 

4. Your job offers are good, but could be better
If you really want to attract talent in the workplace you are going to have to make a good offer. There are plenty of companies out there that offering perks like a signing bonus. A signing bonus will attract new talent and then your corporate culture is what will retain them. 

5. Change the level of experience you’re seeking
While having qualified candidates is always a plus when it comes to the workplace, not every person has years upon years of experience. There are plenty of talented people out there looking for a job but cannot find one because the company's standards for experience are higher than they may need to be. Depending on your target audience, you might want to consider lowering your standards when it comes to qualifications and experience. 

Consider these practices if you’ve come up against obstacles when it comes to recruiting candidates to determine what actions are right for your organization. 


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