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Over the past couple of decades, the job market has changed tremendously. Even if you look at the last five years, you'll see that there are jobs today that we never would have imagined just a few years ago. One big example is Social Media Manager. A few years ago, having a specialist who handles a company's Facebook and Twitter accounts would have sounded silly. Today, however, it's a growing and well paid career choice.

Over the next 10 years, there will be job growth in areas like technology, medicine, science and green jobs. Based on the trends, here are 5 jobs that could be in demand in the future:

Cyber security - This is already a growing field, but as the amount of information we share online grows, more and more companies will be hiring cyber security experts to protect them from hackers and other internet threats.

Genetics counselor - Healthcare is coming into the digital age and more and more research is being done in the areas of DNA and genetics. In the future, experts will be needed to help parents understand their genetics and make informed reproductive decisions.

Organic farming - Organic foods have been a growing in popularity and they are becoming an in demand product. This trend shows no sign of slowing down and farmers will need to improve their organic farming techniques in order to stay competitive.

Sustainability experts - As the green industries grow, there will be an increased focus on sustainability. Already, companies are hiring sustainability experts to find new and better ways to use less energy and reduce their carbon footprint. This is an industry that is expected to grow in leaps and bounds.

Robotics technicians - Robots are already a part of the manufacturing landscape, but as advances in robotics increase, technicians who are trained to repair and maintain them will be in high demand. This type of repair person will need to have skills in technology and electronics.

Are there other jobs you can think of that will be huge in the future? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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