3 Ways to Build You Career Skill Sets

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One of the most important ingredients to a successful career is to have a plan to continue your professional development. While many companies will have some form of in-house training programs, in recent years, most will not invest in outside training programs for their employees and managers. Be it as it may, the person that has the ultimate responsibility for improving professional job skills is you. By assessing your career goals and creating a timeline on where you want to be and when, you can put together a successful training plan. Done properly, this training plan will allow you to develop the skill sets and knowledge that will allow you to write a ticket to work for a company in the job of your dreams.

One of the benefits for developing your professional skills includes greater value to the company for which you would like to work. Today, one area that is mandatory for you to develop if you expect to get ahead is using your computer. If you are capable of using specific computer programs you will have an added value to the employer. It saves them the time of training you on how to use programs that are necessary for the position they are trying to fill. More and more today, a person being social media savvy will only add even more value to the mix of professional skill sets, for their present or prospective employer.

If you are an engineer, don’t shy away from learning and developing your sales skills. You will be able to influence others to implement your ideas or designs. This speaks very loudly in the business world. Typically, engineers are more left brained, and not prone to find themselves in a sales role. However, by taking additional sales training, you give yourself an added advantage when it comes to being part of the sales team responsible for closing new business. As Zig Ziglar says, “True selling is helping people get what they need and want.” Many people shy away from adding sales to their list of professional learning objectives because of their lack of understanding. Every organization must have a strong sales department. It is the lifeblood of any company that plans on staying in business.

Another area of extreme importance is your communication skills. Being able to stand on your feet in front of a group or speak in a one on one situation is extremely important and valuable to any position in the company. It seems the organizations that perform the best in the marketplace are the ones that have leaders who can communicate with confidence and conviction. They can articulate their ideas in the least amount of words, so there are fewer misunderstandings and more good will generated.

So, there you have it. The three areas for professional development: computer skills, sales skills and communications skills. When you take the time and invest the money in developing these professional skills sets, you will put yourself on the fast track to career success.

Tom Borg is a consultant in leadership management, team building and customer service. Please see more of his blogs at csjobsblog.com and manufacturingworkersblog.com. To view additional job postings at Nexxt



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