"WIIFM" (Part two)

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First we will a retail business and development of the advertising strategy. If a business is going to succeed and garner market share from competition, the business must have a unambiguous competitive advantage that differentiates it from the competition. The marketing plan must reinforce and focus on that advantage consistently! Unless the “signature” of the business addresses “WIIFM”, from the end user's perspective, it will get lost in the melange of messages consumers get on an every day basis! Here are a few examples to illustrate the point based on recent observations:

1. A used car company that “specializes” and advertises “one owner cars.”


One owner does not offer a specific benefit! A one owner car could have high mileage or be in poor condition! A bigger benefit to the prospective buyer is the number of miles and/or years left on the new car warranty! An example is “5 years and 50,000 remain on warranty!

2. A sporting goods store that features “we match any advertised competitor's price!”


This would not motivate a “shopper” to choose this store as their first destination. Conversely, the “shopper” would shop the media for the best price. If the store would state “we will beat any advertised price by 10%:” the “shoppers” would shop price and then be motivated to make their purchase at this store! The reduced margin becomes an investment in attracting a customer, making a sale that would not have been possible!

3. Perusing the entertainment section to make a decision of a restaurant for an evening out with the best value in mind, is a challenge! Many of the restaurants feature, “Buy one, get on free!”


There is no specific “WIIFM” in this advertised attraction. If the most expensive entree is $19.99, the vernacular could read “save up to $19.99 for two!” Another possibility if there are $9.99 dinner items is “Two can dine for $9.99!” These statements differentiate and clarify value compared to the competition!

4. We also scanned the advertising for the new litany of athletic shoes “toning shoes” and their manifold fitness and “body sculpting” claims. Benefits have to be believable and many were hard to believe! The easiest to relate to asserted “four times more calorie burn when you wear our shoe!”


However if conjecture stated “walk one hour, burn 700 to 1000 additional calories!”(normal is 240 to 320 calories!) Clearly an eye catching “WIIFM!”

5. Last, but not least a local shoe store's advertising states “Over 15 Years in business!”


So what? A more alluring statement and example of “WIIFM” would be “Over 12,000 satisfied customers in 15 years!” This approach emphasizes customer loyalty and experience!

Consumers perusing advertising to make buying decisions need to not only determine
what they plan to purchase, but what is most important to them! After determining “WIIFM” that most matters, they can start shopping for that benefit that will influence their decision!

By Randy L. Snyder
Randy is a regular contributor to Salesheads. He has over 30 years experience with national chains and 12 years as a consultant in specialty retail and franchise development. He can be reached at rsnyder921@aol.com or (p) 239 481 0844.



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